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  The Way Excess Fat Affects Your Organs

One of the most dangerous of being overweight and carrying so much excess body fat is that this thing will start to influence the way in which all your body organs function.  Although you may be strictly focused on how badly you think that excess body fat change your appearance, never discount the importance of the role it will play on your overall organs functioning.

Here are the main issues associated with overweight body
Reproductive System
The first organs system that will be impacted by excess body fat is the reproductive system.  Males who carry excess body fat may not have properly functioning reproductive organs and may in fact become infertile. For females, being overweight can also pose a problem. Typically the major issues lie in too little body fat for women, which can causes menstruation to stop, but too much body fat in some extreme cases can do so as well.

Digestive System
The 2nd group of organs that will be impacted by overweight body is your digestive system.  When so much body fat has accumulated the pancreas and liver will not function as effectively, and if there is continuously a high intake of glucose rich foods coming into the body which is what’s contributing to the weight gain in the first place, the pancreas may start to become heavily overworked as it puts insulin production into overdrive and this could set you up into long-term health problems such as  diabetes. Keeping a better and healthier diet program with all the vital nutrients the body needs along with enough dietary fibre will help your Digestive System working properly

Cardiovascular System
Finally, the  organs that will really be impacted by overweight body is your cardiovascular system organs. Your arteries may begin to experience an increase in plaque build-up as high cholesterol levels start taking place in the body and your heart are going to have working harder and harder to transport all that additional body weight around. This will lead to heart disease or even heart attack.

Maintaining a healthier body weight is important for good cardiovascular function and usually this is one of the biggest advantages you see upon losing weight – your heart condition improves. Being overweight is more than just about appearance. If you’re not cautious there could be some severe health problems that you put yourself up to experience in the long run if you are not controlling your weight problem.

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